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My name is LaChanique Blount and I have been a member of Full Counsel Ministries
for over 11 years. Before getting married to my wonderful husband, Jason Blount,
we decided to go through premarital counseling with Dr. Milton Brown and it was
one of the best decisions that we could have ever made. Although we were positive
that God had blessed us with one another, we still wanted to get practical wisdom
and insight on maintaining our Godly relationship. Through the counseling
sessions, we were able to understand each other's core values, love languages,
and future expectations. I would strongly advice anyone who is seeking Godly,
unbiased advice based on the Word of God, to counsel with Dr. Milton Brown.
He will definitely open your eyes to understand God's plan for marriages and
instruct you on how to apply the Word so that the joy of marital bliss can be
maintained and continuously rekindled.

-Mr. & Mrs. J. Blount


Six (6)months ago, God led us to Full Counsel Ministries. Since then, we have grown 

tremendously under the leadership, teachings, and wisdom in which God has
bestowed upon our beloved pastor, Dr. Milton L. Brown.
Dr. Brown's Marriage Teachings were extremely helpful and life changing in
re-establishing our commitment to God and each other. We learned a lot regarding
the dynamics of a Godly marriage from the roles of a Husband/Wife to Conflict
Resolution and much more. We encourage anyone who is married or plan to be
married to get those Marriage Teachings on CD because they were truly a blessing
to us. In addition, Dr. Brown has continued to provide spiritual support and
guidance for all of the marriages in the ministry by allowing God use him to preach
the Word. Dr. Brown has an approachable, kind spirit and we feel that he is always
there for us. Again, we know that God led us to Full Counsel and we thank God
for such a strong man of God and Pastor, Dr. Brown and a great Full Counsel family.
We are truly blessed and excited for what God has in store for all of us.

Love & Blessings, James & Shanika Houston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

First we would like to thank Jesus for Dr. Brown.  If it had not been for God using
an awesome, faithful, vessel, and servant of his, I know that our marriage would
not be in existence today.  About seven years ago we were on the brink of divorce.
We are absolutely positive that it was God that led my husband to Full Counsel
Ministries on a snowy night in January. God knows what we all need even when
we think we know what we want.  Dr. Brown was placed in out lives at an
ordained time by God, the Lord knew what was needed and what was lacking
in our marriage, and he knew exactly who he would use to glorify his word and
power.The marriage counseling sessions were what we needed to get a revelation
of what God expected from us.  As I think back over the years that we've been
married I know that God is an awesome God for how he has transformed us. 
It’s like you know your spouse, but then again you don't because as you look
at them you know they aren't the same because God has come in and made
them anew. We would like to thank Dr. Brown once more for loving Jesus
so much that he dared not to compromise God’s word and for that, we are ever grateful.

Forever Grateful,
Kerago and Mia Simpson

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