..Full Counsel Ministries is a place of prayer, worship, fellowship and a place where the Spirit ..of God dwells. If you are looking to learn the word of God, and you want to understand it from ..Genesis through Revelation, we strongly encourage you to become a part of our ..ministry. Through repentance, being baptized in the name of Jesus, and being filled with Holy ..Ghost, lives are truly changing and people are being perfected for the Kingdom of God.

..We hope that the information provided throughout our website will help you in your spiritual walk ..and give a general idea of what to expect when visiting our ministries. 


     Worship Services: 


     DAYS                                                TIMES                               EVENT


     Every Sunday                                 9:30 AM                      Youth Sunday School


     Every Sunday                               10:00 AM                      Celebration Sunday Service


     Every Wednesday                           7:00 PM                      Word Explosion Bible Study



"Mission HIMpossible"

       We’ve all heard of mission impossible, but we are excited to announce our Mission HIMpossible  T-Shirt. When facing difficult circumstances, we know that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This shirt will not only help to build up your faith to believe God for the impossible, but will encourage others to have faith that God will come through because he makes all things possible.  

Shirts start at just $23.49 and can be purchased at the link below:

Mission HIMpossible


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